Cotton Duck

Cotton duck canvas is slightly different from plain canvas. Duck has a rougher texture than linen, but you can overcome this with gesso. It has a smoother or fuller look. It’s very common to paint on, and many prefer it if they are working on cotton. Linen canvas is considered superior because it has a tighter weave. But cotton duck can also be very good, so long as the weave is not loose. I think oil painters usually traditionally use linen and acrylic painters traditionally use duck, but I’m sure there are exceptions, and I’m not sure how much of a difference it really makes. It’s more of a preference than anything though. Assuming it’s a decent weight it should do fine taking ground/paint, likely to out last you if treated well. I’m guessing here, but there may be duck in things other than cotton, in which case you might research the actual cloth if yours is something else. There is also linen canvas. I believe the duck is just this difference in the weaving.

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