As someone who is very passionate about glitter, I wanted to tackle this subject of using dollar store glitter for cosmetic purposes. If you don’t read any further, read this: NEVER USE DOLLAR STORE GLITTER FOR COSMETIC PURPOSES! EVER! Alright so here it is, you know me then you know that I always put safety first. And that means staying away from things that can harm my health in the log or short term. I have for some reason been seeing people use that dollar store glitter that we made stuff out of as kids as cosmetic glitter. Maybe, since Christmas/New Years/etc., are coming up and glitter is being used in every direction, I thought a reminder on the dangers of craft glitter would be suitable. It’s so silly to think you’re immune to craft glitter. It’s literally tiny shards of metal. It’s not like you’d ever crush up glass and rub that near your eyes. I had a friend post a look (on herself, thankfully!) on facebook that was just a bunch of dollar store craft glitter. Note that I said craft glitter, there is just such a huge difference. I thought maybe she didn’t know, and I wouldn’t want her to use it on clients, so I commented and got the typical “yeah I know but I’m really careful”. In Nicole Guerriero’s most recent video she uses craft glitter while explaining how dangerous it is but that she just didn’t have any cosmetic grade glitter at home. She warned against it and then literally said “I can use it on myself, I haven’t had any issues with it”. I about had a heart attack when I saw Nicole’s video. And I lost respect for her when she suggested if you’re going to use craft glittter, it should be very finely milled. Um what?? So many people watch her videos and will probably now use craft glitter because they assume if she can, they can. It’s a disaster that she is basically advocating craft glitter by using it herself, and I don’t see anything good coming from that video for people who don’t know better Okay people, look: it doesn’t matter how good at makeup you are, or if you’ve done it before without incident. It’s still dangerous! Doing makeup should not be worth more to you than your eyesight. Please, please only use cosmetic grade glitter on your face. If you search google you can find some more knowledgeable people and also some horror stories (yeah.. including a lost eye).

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