My Plush Mermaid Bra

After seeing loads of inspiration, I decided to try my hand at making a mermaid bra. I’m a semi-decent crafter, but getting that ombre glitter base turning out to be trickier than I had expected. The best way I found to do this is to use Craft Paint, Textile Medium, and the superfine glitter that some places call “Fairy dust”. Going this route means you’ll have whatever color spread you want, the glitter will incorporate really well, and the paint will still adhere to the bra. Make sure that whatever Textile medium you buy, you brand match to the craft paints, though. I’ve read things on a few craft blogs I’ve floated through via Pintrest that sometimes if you don’t match, the viscosity can be different, and the ratio of Paint to Textile medium ends up off, so you can get paint that’s either too thick, too thin, or clumps. And, once the paint dries, it should give you a good base to glue the gems and whatnot on, so the rest of the decoration should go on better. I used beads or rhinestones and place them individually.

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