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I talk about a lot of music on here, and while I really don’t have a format I thought that I might try to establish one. You know I love Taylor Swift, and somebody might read that and think that I am just a pop girl. BUT that is not true! I love a lot of different types of music, classical and modern and everything in between. Today we will explore jazz. Coltrane and Monk have always been my favorites. Both of their music contain so much, it’s impossible to exhaust and yet it’s endlessly playful at the same time. Specifically, post Giant Steps Coltrane. The spirituality I feel in Coltrane’s later stuff really gets me going. It’s like something you feel, not just hear. It’s like when I hear him play with Elvin Jones and their passion and fire pushes the music forward, it creates this wall of sound that I can just meditate on and really experience. As for Monk, he is, to me, the embodiment of keeping the heart of a child. His music is so bouncy, fun, humorous and just happy. But even when he isn’t bouncing off the walls with his jumpy tunes, he can still play a gorgeous solo on Round Midnight. His whole character just pushes through the music. He’s formulaic without being boring. He’s like his own being. He is Monk. He doesn’t have the polish of McCoy Tyner or Bill Evans, but he just is who he is and he’s damn good at it. I think Blue Train is one of the most iconic Jazz songs of all time. A Love Supreme is perfect. Stuff like Meditations doesn’t do it for me. Maybe It’s just too removed from melody in my ears. My favorite JC album is the quartette record Coltrane (Impulse A-21). It’s right in the sweet spot.

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